100% Grass-fed & Finished All-Natural Beef

No antibiotics • No hormones • No Grain

Nothing but grass, fresh water and sunshine!


How to Reserve Your Beef

This year's steers will be ready for processing beginning in October through the end of December. We generally target a weight of 1,200 pounds plus or minus a 100 pounds. As a courtesy to our processor we schedule delivery to them at least 30 days in advance therefore we encourage you to visit the farm well before that time to pick out the steer you want.

All of our steers are pasture mates and are nearly the same age, size and genetic make up but we understand that you may want to pick out a specific steer. To reserve a steer of your choice you will need to take the whole steer. We will reserve your steer with a $300 dollar deposit that will be applied to the final bill. If you wish to reserve half a beef the deposit is $150 and will also be applied to the final bill. When the steer is delivered to the processor we ask for an additional deposit of $300 or $150 respectively depending on whether you are taking a whole or half a beef. The balance of the bill is due prior to pick up.

We have 12 steers that are ready now for processing. Call us to make arrangements to visit the farm and pick out your beef.

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