100% Grass-fed & Finished All-Natural Beef

No antibiotics • No hormones • No Grain

Nothing but grass, fresh water and sunshine!

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Welc​ome to Reavis Angus Farms

We are a small family owned farm located near Grapeland, Texas that raise black and red Angus cattle. Our goal is to market high quality grass fed and finished beef at an affordable price. The decision to raise grass fed beef means we have committed to pasture management practices that reduces the number of cattle we can raise per year. Unlike feedlot operations where cattle spend much of their lives in confined pins our cattle spend their entire life grazing on natural grasses. Our cattle are fed no grain, no animal by-products, no hormones, and no antibiotics.

The philosophy we operate by:

"We're always excited when a new calf arrives, we enjoy them while they're with us and we miss them when they're gone. We strive to provide the best home possible for our cattle while they're with us."